Active Shooter & Intrusion Detection

Advanced Technology
NovoTrax is intelligent enough to know if there is an unauthorized entrance into the school by an intruder. It not only knows if there is an unwanted intruder, but it also knows how many intruders entered the facility, the direction the intruders are going, and the current general location of the intruders. Imagine just how important that information could be in protecting students and staff!

NovoTrax helps you protect the students and staff in your school and can automatically notify the proper authorities of unauthorized entrance. Every second counts when an intruder enters a school property. Automatically calling first responders is critical in an emergency.

NovoTrax can automatically lock down doors and access points in the event of an intruder, thus helping to save valuable time and to ultimately protect students and staff from danger.

NovoTrax fully integrates with NovoTrax’s Asset Management and Inventory Management modules to let you know when an asset has left the facility. This could save your school district thousands of dollars each year.

NovoTrax has a wide array of intrusion detection options helping you to prevent theft, and helping to protect your students and staff. NovoTrax is exactly what your school needs for student and staff safety. Insist on NovoTrax!

Insist on NovoTrax!

Protecting our children is our highest priority. NovoTrax helps make school a safe place for students and staff. Know where your child is every minute in the school building, on the school bus, or somewhere in the school yard perimeter. Keep your kids safe – insist on NovoTrax in your school district!

  • Small school, or large school district tracking solution
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Can accurately detect and track student and staff location inside of school buildings within one meter
  • Can accurately detect and track students outside of school buildings (on the school property) within one meter
  • Can accurately detect and track students riding on the school bus and show school bus location
  • Can accurately detect and track student and school assets (book bags, jackets, school equipment, etc.) within one meter
  • Can accurately detect unauthorized intruder and notify security
  • Can accurately detect unauthorized intruder general location
  • Advanced Automatic Dispatch Control, can silently contact police or fire departments in the case of emergency
  • Fully mobile compatibility to allow parents remote view of student location
  • Parental controls to determine the level of privacy. Parents can choose to allow first responders like police and fire fighters to actually see the actual location of their child, or to only allow the parent to see the location of the child.
  • Police and fire-fighters can remotely see the location of a child (providing parents have given access to first responders)
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Accurate attendance records and reporting
  • Detailed report analytics
  • Easy to use Administrative tools, easy to add students, staff, buses, or other school assets
  • Client-Side Configuration, no programmer needed to make changes
  • Safe, Secure Technology
  • FERPA Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • CJIS Compliant
  • Integrates well with other manufacturers like fire alarm or intrusion detection equipment
  • Any feature you want, we’ll build it!

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