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Revolutionary Patent Pending Processes USPO No. 62/143,802

Built for data security with maximum safety and protection in mind, NovoTrax was exclusively designed for large data with true “Smart City” connection. With over 8 years in development, NovoTrax now makes it possible to have every agency, every department, and line of supportive business within any enterprise, city, county, or state all be on the same informational page with real-time data for everyone. NovoTrax takes out the guess work of knowing what assets and resources are available, of know where those resources are located, and knowing what the current status of all resources are at any given time. NovoTrax not only gives real-time data, but NovoTrax also make intelligent decisions and automates work loads for maximum efficiency and performance and can reduce waste and duplication by up to 30%, saving costs, and saving lives.

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Smart City

See how NovoTrax can help each department in your city, county, state, or enterprise all communicate effectively together cutting out wasted time and duplication of resources using Distributive Process Control.

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Cyber Security

The threat of data breach, loss of personal and company data, ransom ware, and law suite are drastically reduced with NovoTrax two factor authentication. With two levels higher security than the military, NovoTrax is can give your enterprise the peace of mind knowing that your cyber security is bullet proof.

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Smart Conferencing

NovoTrax Ingeniously Smart City offer bullet proof, smart, secure video conferencing. Mitigate the threat and risk of perpetrators hacking into your video conferences and stealing data and secure track all of your business documents with NovoTrax Smart Conferencing.

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NovoTrax Smart Money Employee Payroll Card and POS for Instant payment of Cash and Crypto-Currency

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